Saturday, July 11, 2009

Jerseys are 'IN'

Brian went with a retro theme this year. He had told me that they were going to be a white back ground but I thought surely not. White would not be good for mountain biking with the mud and all. He even stated that at one point I think. Yesterday when I got to the shop there was this big ole box full of new kits. He had already sold a bunch of them too. I wished I had set mine aside because by the time I had washed up and rummaged through the box at the end of the day looking for my size, all the large bibs had been sold.......daaaaaaammmmm! People were hitting that place like ants to a picnic! Jerseys were running a little tight this year due to the Euro sizing. I tired on an XL in bibs but it wasn't as tight as I like so I will just skip bibs 'til the next order. There were plenty of shorts but I prefer the bibs. I like the 'mustard yellow' for sure, it looks good in my opinion. I like when companies and shops use different colors than the usual hue on the color wheel.
After work at the bike shop, I swung by got Austin and met Angie at my Dad's place for a fish fry. Since he retired, he fishes ALL the time and when his freezer gets full he throws down a southern fish fry. There was Crappie, Catfish and Trout. Ang' and I fixed some up and broiled them while the rest of my family opted for the fried version.....yuk. He even had homemade hush puppies, coleslaw and the works! He let us rape his garden too. He had more peppers than any one man should have! These little plants had worked so hard to sprout the fruit all over them. Really, one plant wasn't about 10" tall and it had about a dozen 8" banana peppers all over it...weird! We snagged some jalapenos and cucumbers for Austin! Greg gave me a canning recipe a while back and Ang wants to can these in the next few days. She loved his peppers that he gave us and she wants to make some also.
I guess about now the Tour de Possum Creek should be rolling down the highway in Yuma. Today and tomorrow is the 1st ever "bike race" up there. I miss the funfest version though. Next week we are going to revive it for sure!! The DEAD POSSUM ride July 18th @ 9:30 be there or be square YO! Mike, this link is for you brother.......
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