Friday, July 31, 2009

Rain Forest????

Wow this week has just been flat out laying down the rain on us. I did manage to 'gets' some good riding in though. Short track on Wednesday and the climbing part of the TNR on Thursday. Saturday holds more wrenching at Hampton Trails and HOPEFULLY some climbing in afterwards. We close at 3 on Saturdays so if I can get out of there on time, I'm doing some climbing. The motivation has returned and the desire to ride harder along with it! I already have two cross machines ready and raring to go. The short track is definitely helping, riding in the grass sucks!

Last time I filled in for Brian kitty didn't show up for the three whole days that I was there. I think she's liking me a little bit now. Everyday this week she has been waiting on me like she does for Brian. Actually she's just hungry and wants fed. After she eats she wanders around my feet while I'm building bikes. Then she slithers to the couch in front of the cycling shoes and sleeps 'til closing time. She's a night kitty fo sho!

I have the display racks full in every size that we have available now. All the repairs are completed except for the ones that need parts ordered. I can't order anything, B takes care of all that. So there they wait............poor sickly bikes!

Enjoy your coffee Mike !

LAter G...............................


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