Saturday, August 1, 2009

Fixie is "IN"

A few more days left til the boss is back from Switzerland. Today I was pretty busy at the shop. I even had a dude ask me about some fixie stuff. I'm no expert in this field but I gave him all the info that I had or could come up with. He had been seeing these bikes that don't have any brakes and wondered how the whole thing worked. I haven't posted any entertaining videos of late so I came home and found some thing on you tube to post up on ye ole blog.....

A couple of those guys look like they are ready to get their leg ripped off through the frame on those skids !

LAter G...................

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Joshua Stamper said...

after having lived in places where there is a fixie "scene" I can say that they have two primary utilities.
1. shops sell lots of tires to them.
2. Thinning the gene pool
....Ok, 3. being ironic.