Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Florida Winter Nationals 1st place, yea I'm rockin' the short bus!

Morristown indoor Nationals 3rd place 35-39 cruiser

35-39 20" Novice 2nd place

Did that get your attention (20 inches)??? Hanging out at Brian's I keep seeing all these insane deals roll through. No wonder Mark has everything under the sun! Anywho.......The BMX scene is starting to light a small flame of desire inside my most inner self. I'm starting to get the itch again. Nothing as serious as I used to be, but something to be able to ride if I wanted to. I really do miss getting to see the guys from all over and race them monthly at the NBL Nationals. If I keep helping Brain, one day I'm going to bite and order one! I have most of what I need except maybe some pants.

Ah, oh well. tonight is short track on the epic. It's raining here so it should be painful interesting and fun.

I almost forgot, the other day at the shop I had a famous cycling blogger celeb stop in and hang for a bit. I just about have all the bikes that were in stock assembled now. I was getting to the last few BMX bikes, I guess that's what has me wanting another one. But after I built this one the infamous Greg took it out for a spin, can I charge more for it now? What ya think???

LAter G..................................

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Riding with dogs said...

If you sell that blue Haro, it should go for about $300 above retail but it truly belongs in the Hall of Fame now. Next time I'm in the shop have a sharpie on hand and I'll sign it.