Tuesday, August 11, 2009


This morning I was out and about pretty early. Ya know trying to get the worm, although I don't like worms. I had a few stops to mail off Angie's payoff for her car and some other things for her. I then swung by to get my books. 8 books in all total. 6 English books, 1 math and 1 computer book......I'm also glad that they are in 'big' print instead of teennie tiny novel fonts. This all looks interesting and I'm actually very excited to get this all underway. I may regret that I said that in a month or so but I doubt it.

The ETSU mountain biking season starts on the 22nd of this month. They need a grandpa on the team so I will try to fill the spot. I'm truly not ready to be racing 20 year old kids all over the southeast but it's paid for (by my tuition) so I might as well get back a little something huh?

8\22 @ Georgia
8\29 @ ETSU
9\05 @Florida
9\12 @ Lees-McRae wont make this (Mike's Wedding)
9\19 @Appy State
9\26 @Brevard
10\03 @ Clemson nope (start of MSG)
10\16-18 @ Lake Tahoe FINALS

I would probably be better off wrenching for them instead of racing....lol

LAter G..........................

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