Saturday, August 15, 2009

Takin' Tubeless to the Skinny's

cx version:

I have had this laying around for a bit now and today I decided to give this a whirl. A couple of months ago while at the shop I mounted my first set of tubeless ROAD tires. Yes, I said tubeless road tires. Hutchinson to be exact. I did not know how I would fare but it was one of the easiest jobs I have had up there. They were a tad bit tight when I put them on the rim but when I laid the air to them......pop pop! They seated up easier than any tubeless tire I have seated. Stan's came out with a tubeless system for CX tires now. So I ordered me a set to see how it fares. Today I assembled everything and put them on the rims and wa-LA. They popped right up on the bead very easily. Still as I type this, they are holding air. So now I will need to do a CX ride simulation to see how well they preform and hold up. I went with the geared cross bike wheelset because that's the one that I will be riding with the intent of performing well on. Mind you now that may not be the case, but that's the plan. The first race @ Domtar park is mostly flat and I don't do well with flat, I have no sustained power so I'm at a disadvantage. I'm also slow and that doesn't help either.

Tomorrow we take fat Tony to Bent Creek for some fun on the trails and just some good ole hangin' out with the MTB club. Next week he's getting married, so there goes his riding, ha ha. We also may be graced with the attendance of the infamous AKS! Tonight Greg, Anthony and some others are at Andy's place in Va. having a wrestle mania partay. I hope they are able to make it tomorrow after alot of consuming ya know. Greg sent me a pic via cell technology and I had to post this up.

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