Saturday, August 8, 2009

Time Trial up a Mountain???

I tried to get something really nice for 1st place and make the others from something "cycling related"

Rod with his 3rd place award.

Erin taking 2nd home today....god job girl!!! She was the only lady that showed today, Thank You Erin!! She rocked the 29er to the top of the mountain like a pro.
Mr. Wondergem (Mr. MSG cyclocross) getting bumped to 3rd place by a little debbie cake.......or cakes!

Our local streak of lightning............WES LAMBERSON 1st (as usual). Just back from Canadian nationals, UCI, Worlds, Universe, And Galaxy championships!! Thanks for taking the time Wes I really appreciate you being there!!

Ben finishing STRONG!!

Brad and his little debbie strategy

Ben warming up before

Me doing the job of promoter

Wes before.............all out!

Wes, Wondergem and Brian ready for action!

John made it to the race and left without his 1st place award.

Brad and Joshua, I really like the "bad goat racing" kit Josh is wearing!!!

And a great one it was!!!! Last night I loaded up all my supplies I needed for the first (and hope future) Buffalo Mountain Time Trial (TT). I had my list and I checked it more than twice. Special thanks to Dwayne for the numbers for the event, he had some spares that he gave to me. This wasn't meant to be an all out big time event, just a bunch of friends racing 'el cheapo'. I get upset with the big promoters charging ludicrous fees for us to have fun so I wanted to give it a shot so I could see it from a different view. It is a little nerve racking getting all your ducks in a row but my little shin-dig wasn't that big.

I arrived at around 9:10am and found Wes out riding in the road warming up. I pulled in and we chatted for about 30 minutes and no one was knocking down my door. I started getting a little depressed or maybe disappointed would describe it better. Then a few cars started rolling in to park, a couple riders rode in and I thought "well maybe just maybe"...... After the time came upon us I had nine riders in attendance. I really thought more would be there, I had alot of interest from peeps that were a no show. They donated a $5 bill and I gave everyone a bottle of finish line lube. After a very informal start speech to inform the riders of a bonus that included eating little debbie cakes for 3 minute time bonuses, John and I sync'd our stopwatches and off I drove to the top. I Stopped at two intersections to mark the turns with some flour. Arrows on the ground to let the riders know the way, just in case. At the last turn I sat up the little debbie table with fudge rounds and oatmeal creme pies. Not just the teanie tiny kind that mom's put in kids lunch boxes but the big'uns that you get at the convenience stores!!!. I have all the boxes open to make it easier for them and lay them out. I go to get back in the exploder to head on up and I hear a "hurry". WES HAS CAUGHT ME!!! Dam !!! This kid is FAST!! I tear out of there jumping water breaks, bottoming out the ford and scraping the guts from under my car trying to get to the gate before he gets there. Those guys in the 'A' class choked down about 8 or so cakes. I would have puked so hard!! After I get to the end I lay down a finish line with the flour and set my chair up. I'm not there more than 5 minutes and here comes Wes with a 27 minute time. WOW!! is all I can say. He said he ate one cake so I wrote down his time with one bonus. Next was Wondergem with one cake too. I did have a blogging celebrity show up to my race all the way from Kansas! Joshua (Brad's bro-in-law) accompanied him to the race today. All in all Brad had the strategy laid down solid. Eat three cakes and finish 6th, use the bonus to finish within about 16 seconds of the leader. If he had swallowed just one more gooey creamed filled mess .......wa-la......CHAMPION! Ben hammered hard to get up the mountain 3rd but Brad's sly strategy bumped him out of the last podium spot for the day. Everyone hung out at the top recovering from the gut busting sprint then we all rode back together. Down at the road I surprised everyone with some pretty sweet awards. I wanted to give them something pretty kewl. All I know, I would have liked to have got one of these for a race anyday!

I kept the awards hidden until the end of the race! I found new appreciation for Eric and Dwayne and all that they do for us at the MSG cyclocross series too! Thanks guys!!! Hopefully I can get this rounded up and set a date for next year. I know with all the 'hype' that I can get at least................10 or 11 to show upnext time, maybe 15. Who knows???? Maybe try for a stretch....20!!! I hope everyone that came enjoyed it because I have never had so much fun and not raced. I could get into this promoting thang maybe......
LAter G..............................


Joshua Stamper said...

Had a great time. That was a great idea with the debbie cake aid station! on the ride home brad confided that he thinks a "off road stage ride" is possible from buffalo to hot springs....hhhmmmhhhh. Thanks for all the work you put into it!


Thanks for coming man! It was good to meet you and the wife. You rode hard, good job!!!

Anonymous said...

WOOT WOOT! Bad Goat Racing!