Friday, September 25, 2009


I have been waiting for ye ole Greg to get the stories posted from this past weeks trip to Douthat so I could rip it from his blog. A good time was had by all for sure! Click this link to get the story and a fine story it is!

On another note, Wednesday when I was running a couple cycling related errands dropping off parts and such before class. I was involved in a hit and run accident by a local person that's wanted by the law for alot of things, one apparently alleged murder! Yes murder! I was call by the JCPD Thursday urgently wanting me to ID this person. I met with the officer between classes and picked him out of a paper lineup.

Now this is how stupid doufus is..........He turns across my lane of traffic to make a left turn onto Roan St. I swerve left trying to avoid contact but he keeps coming and hits my right front fender then we come to a stop almost on the corner of the curb of Wautaga and Roan. He wants to move the cars from traffic but I insist on taking pics first and calling 911. After this is completed he asks again to move the cars from the intersection. I agree that it's a good safety call so we do so, in doing this he backs up and cuts his wheel to where he bumps me in the rear ...WOW! He hit my bike rack and bent it down, this dude is having one heck of a day. We get the cars moved to the left curb of Wautaga, I get a pen and paper to retrieve his insurance info writing his tag information on it then when I open my car door he speeds across two lanes of traffic into a business parking lot. I'm thinking what the...@#$% I walk to the parking lot being naive thinking maybe he wants to park off the street. NOT! he's gone! I quickly call 911 again and inform them that it's now a hit and run. The officer quickly arrives and I tell him this story, he takes all my info and tells me I can get the report the next day.
It's not over yet! I get a call from the officer Thursday needing to meet with me ASAP! He needs me to ID the cat that hit me. They know who he is through the tag info I gave them, all they need is a positive ID. We meet on campus and I ID the dude then the officer informs me that the guy is NOT A GUY but a woman! Yep a tranny...............JEEEZZZZZ! IT is wanted for several other violations of the law included being investigated for possible murder, yes murder! That really was too much info. My exploder isn't really banged up that bad but it will need a new fender and some new paint. I get a new bike rack too!!! I'm wondering what I should get a Thule or maybe a Yakima? Possibly a Raxter, not sure yet.
Anywho that's how most of my week has been. School and a couple of rides (ST & TNR) after this past weekend's NTMBA getaway is all so far. This weekend is the annual pink ribbon ride but there's a 90% chance of rain Saturday, doesn't matter to me cuz I'm opening the store Saturday @ Hampton.

LAter G.............................


Joshua Stamper said...

I am pretty sure some times you just can't make stuff like this up. murderous transvestites on the loose in JC......oh how I miss the dirty south!


You know it