Friday, September 4, 2009

Papers and Pens

Ok my first complete week is over and It was not as bad as I thought it might be. I managed to get through all of my classes and not get lost on campus. It really wasn't that hard though, three of them are in the same building, Nicks. These are the computer classes for my major, Computer Science Information Technology. All of my instructors are pretty cool, it's going to make getting through the 'college thing' much easier. There are several things that are coming up that I'm looking forward to in 1510. The Discovery test sounds very interesting, I really want to do the test and get my results. I hope it doesn't tell me I'm better suited for fertilizing daisies in a nursery.

I'm thinking the worst class I have is English. I'm a little worried that I wont be able to write well enough to please the instructor, we'll see.

Well, Wednesday was short track and we had a good showing this week. Mr. Wondergem is back to form for cross season. He was absolutely killing it, lapping me three times! I hung in pretty good and rode 13 laps, I think Josh messed up on his counting. I haven't ever rode 13 laps in the 20 minutes plus two allotted time. I started a little faster than I wanted to. I kept an eye on Greg though, he can come up with some new found energy sometimes and dust me. Heck, he leaves me sitting when we are at running races every time we run together, which isn't that often. He still kills me running though. The only edge I have is on the bike, SLIGHT as it may be I will take it. I caught him after about 5 laps passed and rode hard until a couple of the younger guys caught me then I eased my pace a bit. My garmin said I slowed about 15 seconds a lap. I wondered why anyone wasn't catching up until the next to last lap then I see a karate monkey trying to be all stealthy and such. So I had to get into my Mystery Inc. bucket of surprises and pull out a Scooby Doo Kung Fu move on the karate monkey. I had some gas in the tank so I made the last lap a good one hoping that that Karate monkey and the guy riding it would not be able to catch ole Scoob. I managed to hold off two of them, Greg and "the SEEK". Although Mr. Seek had already lapped me once, I held off the second one attempt. The short track has been tremendously fun this year I'm glad Thomas and Josh started it up, thanks guys!

LAter G.................................


Riding with dogs said...

The only Kung Fu move you had was a dirty one, I know you told Mr. Seek to hold me up so I couldn't get to you. I was about to make it three wide across the finish line, next time I'll use the ole bump and run on Seek and run you down. What's this bike advantage you speak of? That funny blue paint job? It does make my eyes water a bit.