Wednesday, September 2, 2009


First two days at class and all is well. My first computer class seems dull and boring so far. I'm vaguely familiar with what we are going to be doing. We have to make a program run with our choice of characters that the program offers us. I have been experimenting with an ice skater so far.

Tuesdays and Thursdays are my full day. I start out with another computer class that looks like its going to be alot of fun and interesting. Then over to another building for some algebra. Huge class with a vast array of characters. Thirdly, change buildings and head for English. The first day was very interesting! I may elaborate on this at a later date, I would probably get failed if my professor knew what I thought about him on a 'first impression'. Last but not least, My web design class. I'm looking forward to this one! The instructor has a lot of energy and is passionate about teaching us. I like the vibes in the room also.

A few things I have learned:
1. Don't park at the top of the hill farthest away from campus because you have to walk back up at the end of the day
2. Parents please teach your daughters how to dress and act as young women. (I swear most dress like little sluts, who knows, they may be)
3. Don't let school overwhelm you.

Monday I was somewhat tight in the legs after this weekends race at ETSU. (Correction on my placing also, I ended up 5th not 6th after I checked the final results online). So I opted for the easy beg/recovery ride that Everett hosts every Monday at the wellness center. This was started as an easy ride for racers to loosen up their legs after a long weekend of racing and to teach new riders the rules of the road, (IE: easy slower pace). I don't know what it is about some riders that have to come to these type rides and just haul arse. Some people can't get on a bike and just ride it! The ones that continually do this aren't the greatest racers anyway. I swear they must have some freakin' disconnect between their head and body. Why is it that you come to a ride KNOWING that it's basically a slower ride (beginner) then run off the front with other riders trying to stay up with the front guys, then they fall off and get scattered out over a couple of miles? They (the tards) end up riding with the 2-3 riders that ride faster anyway, why not go do your own ride somewhere else? Define the word 'group ride' for me, PLEASE! I think if they like running off like that it may give them the feeling of great accomplishment, I don't know. I think they have graduated the beginner rides, that's what I think. Thanks for letting me rant here, it does get under my skin when we are trying to teach newer riders how to ride in a group and these idiots bust it up. I guess we could make a statement at the beginning of the ride" Don't ride like these dudes" ??? Anywhoo, time to do some reading for class. Short track tonight, come get some!

LAter G..................................


Riding with dogs said...

Parking trouble? Doesn't make sense when you live so close and own so many cool bikes. Ride son, park your bike right up front near the door. You'll have less time to look at those slutty dressed girls. Watch what you type, it might make you sound old.


I am old (er) I just drove because I wanted to do some errands after school.

AKS said...

Whoa...someone is a little pissy about group rides! I recall someone else saying this same exact thing a few years back about the Thursday night ride. Hmmm who was that, oh I know, ME!!! I think I know who you are talking about and if I'm correct aren't they they same commom denominator with the TNR? Won't be long before people stop coming on Monday. I'm suprised Everett or Rob hasn't said something.