Sunday, November 29, 2009

8 Years..

As I loaded all the last tidbits today I reminisced about the last 8 years of my life. A divorce in the last part of 2000. Moving out of our house November of 2001. Broken back in 2004. Healing from that terrible time in my life, as I look back it doesn't seem like 8 years have passed. Losing my job at the first of this year, it's all part of growing. I hope I have grown from all my experiences, I like to think that I have. I miss the family life but I don't miss the "X"...I'm dead serious! I'm thankful that I have the people in my life that I have. I have great friends and only hope that I return the joy to my friends that my friends give me. I look forward to what the future has in store for me with a new education that leads to a new career, I'm truly looking forward to it!

WOW, where did all that seriousness come from? Anywho, Ang & I attended church this morning then had lunch with her parents at their house. We took the camaro back to it's winter cave and washed it up real good before storing it for the winter. For those that don't know her uncle willed her a 69 Camaro that she totally restored from the ground up. Our next chore for the day was to change the oil in the orange rocketship but she forgot the keys to her car so we could pull it out of the Camaro's cave. I took along the epic to catch a few miles of trails at Bay's Mtn on the way home since it's just a short detour from the drive back. I stopped for gas and I was just admiring the epic and for some reason I reached up and squeezed the rear brake and nothing happened, I mean NOTHING. WHAT? I pumped the lever several times and I got no feel at all, crap! I looked things over did some adjusting and nothing, oh well I guess it wasn't meant for me to ride this evening. I drove back then Ang texted me and asked if I would meet her half way with her keys. So I did, hopefully I can get the oil changed in the next few days for her. I wanted to ride with Greg Saturday since Dustin was in from Pennsylvania but I wasn't able to, maybe next time. Not a big eventful weekend but it's better than a bad one!

LAter G.......................................

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