Friday, November 27, 2009

Where does it all come from

Yea that's the question that I have been asking myself all day today. Moving. I get stuff organized then go to the next room then there's more stuff. I think I just needed bigger boxes.
Anywho, I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I had a great time spending it with family and friends. Thanksgiving eve I had a nice quick ride at ETSU with the new Magicshine lights. Those things are awesome! So much bang for the buck. I do see Night Rider's and Light & Motion's sales suffering for it, these Magicshines are the bomb (dated myself there huh? "bomb") After all the at fun I met a gaggle of buds over at Warriors for a pre Thanksgiving dinner ride to burn off all the calories that were ahead of us. I started cold thinking that I would warm up along the way............NOT. Out of the parking lot "braaaaaaaaaaappppp" I held on til the first regrouping and then I layed up a bit. I just wanted to ride this morning and all the guys getting together just got the fun started a little sooner than I expected. Also, I haven't been getting the saddle time with classes so I was hurting to keep up. No worries though I still had a good time. I caught back up with B and rode back in with him and Grant. After the ride we just hung out for as long as we could before we heard the dinner bells a ringing. Jumped in the cars and rolled on home, a quick shower and meet Austin for din din at my Mom's house.

LAter G..................................

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