Monday, November 16, 2009

DUPONT & Bright Lights

As you can tell from the water level the water was up and running at Dupont. This crossing we can normally step across the rocks and still have dry feet, not Sunday though. We headed out for Dupont Sunday morning with a total of 10 riders. We arrived a little late because I took a couple of wrong turns getting to Guion Farm trailhead. I have only been there twice and it was a little foggy in my brain and the Alzheimer's was flaring up a bit but fortunately we made it and hit the trail before noon. We were greeted by an amazing number of horses, some pulling wagons. After getting around them, crossing a few streams we found our fun flow part ,Reasonover trail. Greg K. busted a tire and had to fix it with the help of Ben. Then a little further down the trail Fat Tony's XT's crank arm decided to come loose and spin freely. We managed to get everything back under control but we lost alot of time and rerouted our ride. Meanwhile Greg and Melinda made a late decision to head our way but after getting down the trail a mile or so Mel's chain broke. What a day for mechanicals. We arrived back at the trailhead around 3:45 or so and part of the group wanted more so 4 of us did a 180 and back out we went. Ben lead the charge which quickly put me at redline at most of some climb to a trail he was making a beeline for. It was worth it though, we bombed that thing and climbed back up for some more sweet single track goodness. We arrived back at the lot, stripped, jumped in the exploder and made another beeline for Papa's Mexi cafe. Nothing like 10 bowls of chips and salsa with a big ole Dos XX Equis to start your recovery right. After some suds and hot salsa eating contest we rolled back Tennessee way, ya know we have the UT football team that can't beat a group of cheerleaders, even with a 4 TD spot! Anywho it was a great day with temps near 70 and not many chances to you wear a summer kit in the month of November near Brevard, N.C.


Bright Lights? you ask? Oh yea after getting out of work at ETSU I rode straight home and strapped the new magicshine to my head, mounted up the Niterider HID to my bars then up the hill to the trails. As soon as my front tire touched dirt I turned off the HID and was running via only the magicshine. I was impressed! Nothing else can state that fact better. NO WHERE ARE YOU GOING TO GET A LIGHT FOR LESS THAN $90 THAT DOES WHAT THIS LIGHT DOES! PERIOD! I was amazed with this light and this little thing produces some serious bright light. 900 lumens? , not quite; but it does kick my Niteriders butt...barely. Needless to say I would highly recommend this light to anyone that is looking to buy LED lights. I can't say how durable they are because they are relatively new on the market but they seem to be built pretty well. I like it though! No where can you get 2 of any brand of light that performs as good as these do for less than $200 none! I'm sold on this light.

OK - so lets rate it: 1=poor / 10=best
Style 9
Kewl Factor 9
Price 10x10 =yes!
Mounting 7
Hardware 8
Battery 10
Weight 8


It's is a tad on the "I can tell this is on my helmet" it's not heavy but you can feel it in your neck, or I could. I wouldn't want to do more than a two hr. ride with this on my head.
That's my .02 cents worth!
LAter G.........................................


Riding with dogs said...

Did you run the battery and light on your helmet or just the light?

I'm kinda glad we didn't roll to DuPont with you guys after reading where you rode naked in the car to Papas.


battery and light on helmet

That was Ben that was naked in the car, but not driving.