Saturday, November 7, 2009


Man I'm so totally not liking the time change this year or for any other year for that matter. Keeping at ETSU til 7pm 4 nights a week now with my new arrangement kinda stinks but it's worth it in the end. It's weird how you enter a building in the daylight and then when you exit darkness has arrived. Oh well the season of night riding is upon us it seems. Most of my spare time has been taken up with putting stuff in order around the homestead for absolute relocation of living properties and such forth. The new pad is going to rock! I think I'm gaining about 50-100 square feet and it's all going to be modern and new! Don't get me wrong I'm grateful for my little cottage that I have lived in for years but it's very old and out-dated. The new place is fresh! I plan on staying there until I get out of school and secure a job but there's an old saying: If you want to make God laugh tell him your plans......... that's what I have in plan but of course I will do what his plans are for me.

I have been able to ride my bike to class this week alot mostly because it hasn't rained. I think that's going to change though with that hurricane down on the Gulf of Mexico. We have had a very quite hurricane season, THANK GOODNESS! Florida didn't get anything this year, yet!

On another note seems like I have got my wires crossed with my bestest sponsor of all time, Maxxis. Apparently I never got taken off the roster for 2009, I didn't get to do much racing under my circumstances but I like those people and would be proud to be on the team as usual. Looks like ORANGE IS BACK FOLKS. With everything back in somewhat of an chaotic order I may be getting to spin the cranks competitively on a consistent note for next year! Wait that would mean I need to train.............hmm well maybe a little, as long as I still have fun; MAYBE! Why do I still race? for fun and fitness in a race type atmosphere, period. I don't like training, I never have. It's not why most peeps would think though, PAIN? I can handle the pain it brings but that's not it at all, not even close. It's because I watch how people here in the area where I live do it. Some get so into it they actually seem to think that they are on a quest like Lance Armstrong or something similiar. It's like; what will a person gain winning a CAT5 or beginner classification in a series? Silence some insecurities that one is lacking in their life?? Most are past their prime (like myself) but continue on hoping that Mercury or whatever that mythical Greek speed god is will swoop down and grant a wish of SPEED or something. I see alot of people doing this and it doesn't seem FUN to me at all. Just watch, you will see someone KILLING it in one of these entry level categories and soon as they win and move up you never see them again! Get a little rough for ya in a class that folks are serious about racing? That's the posers I'm referring to here. I have a little article that I will post when I can find it that a local rider has written. I ride my bike because I have a passion for it, it makes me feel good and I get to spend time with folks and friends that have the same passion and that's good. I'm not out to win some grand title or beat everyone in sight ( I do like beating my buddies sometimes but I like when they beat me too). Fun competition totally rocks but when it's taken personally, I'm out! Now some may have a personal vendetta to conquer something inside themselves via the bicycle, that's totally cool. I have experienced such but not with a bike. I mostly witness roadies doing this but some dirt riders do it also. All in all I guess I'm just babbling about why do I want to ruin my passion for cycling by training all the time and never enjoying what it's all about? So what if I don't win a LOCAL race (it's not a WORLD EVENT) duh! If I'm needing for the respect from racers that would look at me differently because I win well that's not the type of peeps needed around me in my life, hey but some people want that and sadly NEED that. The Freedom to ride my bike in different places and Fun with my friends is what cycling is about to me. Some people need to ask themselves that same Q because I see more and more people working while riding their bike instead of enjoying riding their bike!

DISCLAIMER: If I offended any riders in any form or fashion you are probably one of the peeps I'm talking about and you have my deepest apologies, now get back to training you're getting slow! J/K

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