Sunday, December 13, 2009


Freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzing cold temps greeted me as I walked outside Saturday morning heading to the final MSG cyclocross race. When I arrived I looked at the visor and the temp gauge read 19. WOW this is going to be painful. Yea painful, I haven't gotten to get any descent rides in of late because of weather and school so yes this was going to be painful for the legs and the temperature. I did my usual don't warm up routine but I did do 2 laps on the course to get associated with the direction and such. I knew I couldn't compete with any stamina so I decided just to have fun and race. After my friend Jason got 2nd in CX4 it was my turn for the Masters 45+. I lined up and we started, I immediately dropped to the rear for 45 minutes of exercise. I talked to a fellow mechanic racing the same class for most of the race and had alot of fun. I saw Mike Seek standing along the taped sidelines and got a bit of heckling from him for which I returned a comment to get me some beer (so what it's 11am, it's cross racin'). Little did I know he would take me seriously and get me a bottle of Mickey's finest malt liquor.

Each lap I looked for the refreshing beverage and twice I found him at different locations where he graciously offered me up the brew for in-race nourishment. I don't know if it really helped or not but I know it didn't hurt. I managed a third from last and got the exercise I was looking for. My toes and fingers were numb and I was pretty cold but I enjoyed it. I think I got my entry fee back with a $20 gift certificate from a local shop and hammer gels. For the last race of the day Thomas and I got up on the tape and heckled the SS class. We heckled them well also! I got to repay my buddy Ben back for the "momma" jokes he handed me this short track season. They were good ones too so I couldn't resist. Oh yes we even heckled the ladies also, no one was safe!

Later that evening I attended a CHRISTmas party that was very interesting and will have more tales to tell after the pics and videos are sorted. For now more studying for the two finals I have left this week. Lookout Monday and Thursday!

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