Friday, December 18, 2009

2010 Brings 20" Wheels

Wow an unexpected snowfall leaves us with nearly 10 inches of powder last night. It's truly a big deal for us around here as we hardly ever see any snowfall amounts like this nowadays. Also these idiots here can't operate a vehicle in foul weather. I was driving around watching these morons until my 4X4 disengaged and then I headed home. I saw oh so many wrecks that could have been prevented if only folks would just slow down and be patient. I finished up my last final on Thursday and I actually thought it would be more difficult than it was. The only problem I had was graphing those dang linear equations (who needs that stuff in real life anyway?) I managed to do pretty well which was better than I expected to do. In my web-design class I had an A and we didn't have to take the final if we were happy with what we had in there at the end of semester, needless to say I skipped and took my A. I received a B in my programming class and I finally thoroughly understood it near the end of the semester. My GPA is 3.4 which I am very happy with since I haven't attended any college classes since 1985.

The gym is my lonely form of cycling of late, the CPA on campus provides plenty of exercise for me while the winter weather keeps me indoors. I have no classes until Jan. 14th and I'm not sure if my new place will be ready like the stated deadline of Jan. 1. Oh well nothing I can do about it but wait.

The new year has me jonesing to get back on a BMX bike. I have managed to acquire a free frame and fork from the local cult hero for nuthin', thanks bro! I'm also rounding up some cheap parts to get me back in the game until I can afford some nicer/lighter parts. Let's see, 2 new NBL licenses ($100 - 20" and cruiser), 20' bike (covered) 24" cruiser? Hmm, working on that one but for now I will ride my slalom 26". The 26 is ok for outdoor tracks but indoors they get owned by the smaller 24" hoops. I'm still planning on doing some MTB races but the road races will only last for the collegiate season March-May. My primary focus is on my education but I still want to be involved with my passion for cycling as much as possible as long as it doesn't hamper my studies. Finding the time to keep in shape (not train) is being the most difficult.

LAter G.....................

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Anonymous said... in the 29er for a BMX bike..

I knew it 29ers are indeed a passing fad.