Saturday, December 26, 2009


CHRISTmas 2009 has now passed and all the racers I know are looking into what schedules they want to do for the upcoming year. Road, mountain, BMX, CX I have friends that do it all. I have been debating what brand of clothing to wear this year BMX'ing. I used to use FOX Racing but their stuff has fell off the deep end of the fashion dumpster. Man their stuff used to be really sweet and cutting edge but whoa the last two years..............barf!!! There isn't many companies totally dedicated to BMX solely so this time around I wanted to try to go with a company more BMX oriented. So I have chosen FLY as a company to be associated with this season. It was a close race with No Fear, MSR and Thor. The latter two being motocross companies mainly. The Mongoose is 95% complete and I'm itching to get on a track somewhere and break my neck, lol.

My plan is to get a P.K. Ripper and a Floval Flyer later in the year, I also want a 26" Floval for slalom MTB collegiate racing but we will see.

This blue P.K. Ripper was a dream bike of mine but getting sponsored by Panda back in the day ended my hopes of getting one.

I found this Kuwahara online and it was beat to death. I had it powder coated and found some old school anodized gold chi chis and rebuilt it.

I picked this P.K. Ripper up at a NBL national several years back, I never got to rebuild it because I was made an offer I couldn't refuse and sold it.

Here's a Diamond Back old school with Tuffs that I started building, this one went on Ebay for a pretty penny also

I wish I still had this 80's Floval Flyer cruiser, this bike felt better than any other 24" BMX cruiser I have ridden to date. I paid $80 for this at a NBL national in N.C. WHY DID I SELL THIS????? Jeeezzzzzz

This is what I'm looking forward to getting this spring! I can do BMX and slalom with this. It's a 26" OM Flyer in baby blue. Man I loved these colors when I was a kid, wait I'm still a kid!!!!

That's about it here in East Tennessee so far. Classes start in 3 weeks for the Spring semester and I'm looking forward to that also. I think I already have Spring Fever, seriously!

LAter G.....................

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