Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Oh how I have been a loyal Specialized fan for so long but now the tide has changed. Since I have been working at Hampton Trails and Brian is the top selling shop in the nation for BMC (#1 in 2008 and #2 in 2009) I decided to give BMC a try. Ya know, it looks good if employees are riding what ya sell (I'm not giving up the Epic though!) I rode the demo Race Master we have in the shop earlier this year and really liked it, I also rode a pro machine we have and was really impressed with it too. I like the graphics on the race master better and the deal I got on this was incredibly STUPID that a semi-unemployed person couldn't refuse, hell even a homeless person couldn't refuse the deal I got. With my budget I'm only able to put low-end Campy components on it for now but I will upgrade them when I get some closeouts deals through the shop.

On the BMX front I ran into a snag with the crankset. I have a set of SE 3 piece cranks that I want to use to save from spending any $$. The ole Goose frameset has an American BB but the SE cranks are Euro BB equipped. I can get new cranks at cost but I would still spend $75 or better. I can get a brand new frame for $100 with a Euro BB and solve it that way. I tried buying new American BB bearings to fit the SE spindle but the SE has an uncommon I.D. bearing diameter 20mm (common is 19mm or 22m) so the ones I bought don't work, $7 bucks wasted! What do I do? I'm really trying to save cash but I need brakes for the Race Master and a front derailleur to complete that build. It sucks not having the income I once was accustomed to! So what do I do? get a new 20" frame? new 3-piece cranks? arrrggghhhh ! ! ! ! I will get some pics up when I get the Race Master built I will also try to get a pic or two of the ole' Goose, I really like that frame because it's mid-old school BMX and has a 21.5 TT which is hard to find

I'm really getting tired of the stationary bikes at the gym and the trainer isn't an option unless it gets REAL bad. It's been cold here this week and the trail work is finally complete at Warriors so we can start riding there now. Bay's is still closed due to the Wolves still running wild after their holding fence was destroyed by fallen trees. On top of that more trees fell and compromised the Bobcat enclosure now the Bobcats are loose and free. I do feel sorry for them because they have been de-clawed and may have a hard time surviving free. I do prefer the Bay's trails over Warriors so I eagerly await the re-opening of Bays.

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