Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year? Register It or Lose IT

Ah the part of the year that doesn't give a cyclist much to do unless they can afford the costs of traveling (to a warmer climate), which I can't or freeze while riding, which I could and did today. I managed to get an insanely short ride in after dropping the Austin man back off at his mom's, it was short because my feet and fingers stopped wanting to play in the 19 degree briskness of arctic frostiness that has found it's way southward here into east Tennessee this weekend. So now I prop my shivering carcass upon the couch with kitty and laptop on my ummmm................lap? Isn't that why they call it a laptop? Anywho I was reading and getting caught up on my blog reading and other wimpy internet junky paparazzi related shizzle journalism.


If it's stolen you may not have the proof you need to recover it. I read an article about a shop owner that was using druggies to go and steal bikes for drugs if I read it correctly. In the end he had god fathered the theft of over 3000 bikes in that area. WOW! you can read it by clicking HERE. I have a file with all the serial numbers on it and have it backed up too. I have been doing this for years luckily I haven't had to use it.

I have a new eagerness to get back on a road bike now with the arrival of the BMC Racemaster into my stables. I will be honest I was loosing the passion from hearing the wisp sound of my road bike tires on the asphalt for sure. After selling the Specialized S-Works Tarmac that I was truly at-one-with (insert your best karate joke here) I felt blank and was only finding my ju-ju in and around the forest where myself and the Specialized Epic traveled. I really do miss that bike, earlier in the year when I rode the racemaster bike as a demo I'm ashamed to admit that it was more responsive than my steed. I was dismayed and surprised about this revelation that I discovered. It's truly funny what bias does to one especially in the cycling world. Sponsors mar the true opinions and reality of what cyclists really think and say publicly. Look at Lance Armstrong back in "the day" when he was a tried and true Litespeed rider. You know when he was riding Litespeeds that were painted to match his sponsors bikes TREK? Yes he truly rode Litespeeds that were custom painted to match Trek's bikes. I would give the advice to a cyclist to ride what ever makes ya happy and feels best, just because something is better or cooler than what you ride it may not work for you. I like when I see some dood show up at a mountain bike race on a 1990 has been old school bike and smoke guys in the expert classes....I love it. I witnessed it alot in motocross, some guy shows up on a bike that was 10 yrs old and dust everyone in that class. It's not what you ride but what's under the hood in cycling. When you reach a fitness plateau that where most riders are then the product you ride THEN starts to make a huge difference or doping does (he he). I know no one in my area at that fitness level, sorry. I do know some egos that are that large though ;-)

Now readers don't go get all pissy on me now, we are all friends. Cycling tends to bring out competition between and amongst friends that would usually stay hidden. I wonder what the road will bring this year? Maybe this? hmm what a joke! They should make him ride this bike too! (links are courtesy of NYCBS & TBL). Ok so I have the "road bug" again, I'm still a mountain biker at heart and wish to be called a cyclist instead to be branded as a sidebar of the many venues of biking that I love and enjoy.

On a side note: I still claim that the Specialized Epic or Yeti AS-R are the bestest XC mountain bikes for me, only my opinion folks. I'm still torn between the 29ers and 26" wheels. I love the way the biggies roll through and over everything in the woods but I also love the acceleration and maneuverability that the smaller hoops have. I would really like to try the new 29er Epic...seriously I would!

Stay warm!

LAter G................................