Monday, January 25, 2010

She's a little tweaked ehh???

That's what's left after the surgery.......................

This week I'm hitting the businesses hard meeting them face to face and putting the sponsorship proposals into the hands of folks that hopefully can get some cash to our team to help pay for all this extra racing we have on the agenda. Man, the guys have been gung ho about this road racing, I'm surprised to say the least. These are hard core nationally ranked slalom and DH guys too. I think they liked what I said that riding a road bike could help them pedal longer on the DH courses helping them go FASTER. Anywho....rock on!

I think I made my mind up about this weekend. Instead of going to the Icycle I'm going to stay home and visit the CX Tennessee State Championships right in my back yard. I'm not wanting to drive 3 hours and ride a nasty course, jump in the hillbilly hotel and drive 3 hours back. It's a fun race don't get me wrong but I can get just as nasty right here in my backyard racing cross on the Epic. Yea the Epic because I stole the shifters off the CX bike remember? It's a two day race here at Winged Deer but if plan B pans out...... I may ride with the ETSU team if we can get the logistics worked out. Longer ride, better peeps and the best part of all? FREE !!!

LAter G.......................................

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