Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Happy Anniversary.............I think?

One year ago I was released from my job due to not enough business to warrant keeping "all these drivers around". I remember sitting there in the office and getting that empty feeling in my stomach when my DB of a boss told me he was laying me off due to the economy. All in all it was a blessing. Bluelinx was a good job and I really liked all my customers that I delivered to, but my boss................wow! No respect for that guy at all, the stories I could tell! He was hands down the most terrible boss that I have ever had in my whole employment lifetime. He ranked a 19 on a SUCK scale from 1-10. But if he had not done it I wouldn't be where I am now, I'm not in a great place (could be alot worse) but I'm headed to a better place for sure with a new education and new career ahead of me. So thank you a sucky boss it was a blessing in disguise and remember Karma can be a biotch sometimes. I apologize to my readers if I sound bitter.

On a cycling note; Due to another arctic blast heading this way and the low forecasted to be 11 degrees this weekend I may fore go any and all race plans I previously planned for this weekend. I do have a plan K or J, I can't remember how many backup plans that I had "just in case" something happened. I may just go for a ride at Bay's since they have found and captured one of the wolves that escaped from the compound. They have had the park closed for many many weeks and I'm glad they are opening it tomorrow.

LAter G.................................

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