Friday, January 29, 2010



grocery stores out of bread and milk: check

people scared to death: check

schools closing early: check

Tennessee State CX Championships forging ahead: check

Beer in the fridge for said storm: CHECK CHECK

New bike parts to put on XC bike while snowed in: check

New BMX cruiser to get ready while snowed in: check

Man the weather man has at least half the population of east Tennessee freaked out of their gourds. People are cleaning out the grocery stores. I was at Kroger last night after the gym and ETSU cycling meeting and that place was hit hard on all the staples. Stockers TRYING to fill back up the shelves and straighten things back up. I would have hated to have been in there around 5-6 pm. Mr. Weatherman claims that we will get 9 inches of snow tonight, we'll see.

Yesterday as I arrived at the shop "my bicycle has rockets"(constipated blogger) was there going through the vast amount of parts we received last week for one of our suppliers. B got a ridiculous deal on a ton of closeout and demo parts and finally got to go through them. I walked into the repair area and two big piles of parts laying at Andy's feet, "you getting those?" I asked. He looks and grins at me. I get started on some repairs and then Andy and B start going over what he wants for this and for that............. I was totally blown away for what Andy got all that for. He walked out of there with well over 3K-$$ worth of parts for less than a third of that.....WOW! High end stuff too! XTR this, XTR that, I was impressed with what he scored. Keep an eye out for the man with rockets on his bikes because he has enough parts for two more bikes to be added to the stables.

LAter G............................................


Anonymous said...

Dwayne is tentative about pressing on. He spent all day worrying about it.

Oh, and the populace is great about cleaning out the Krogers. I'd be happy as a pig in shi(p) if I were the manager. WE'RE MAKING BANK, BABY!!!!!

Varinka said...

I am crying....I guess the Kroger story was MORE IMPORTANT than putting my new BMC Pro Machine together...
so disappointed now....