Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I spent most of the morning playing with these problems, it's funny I can "sorta" remember factoring but to save my life I could not remember anything about linear equations! I'm doing well in this math class too my average is a 101 so far. Over achiever? I don't think so.

The team is gearing up for Georgia Southern this weekend. We heard talk of having to ride on a dirt road for a couple of miles and peeps crashing left and right on it too. This is last years race that these rumors are born from though. No rides for the team it looks like this week, not road anyways. Snow is forecasted for the next couple of days, GYM/trainer I guess.

I was finishing up the final truing of the BMX wheels and one of the Lees McRae riders comes walking into the shop....in riding gear, soaking wet! He had ridden from the N.C. campus - One word____WOW! That was pretty hard core! He got a couple of things then back out the door and he pedaled away back towards campus. I like this time of year too. Everyone gets the ole "check" from Uncle Sam and they buy new bikes, frames and bike parts. Pretty carbon bits and pieces and chi chi's for their favorite ride. I haven't had to assemble/repair not one piece of walmart junk in over two months, yes I'm being spoiled because they will awaken amongst the weeds or shed or where ever their owner left them laying last fall then wander into the shop for help to have life renewed one last time. I will hear the eeeek and pain of the old junker as I loosen rusted parts wiggling and straightening things that have seen better days. Well at least the bike is ridden some huh? Oh well, I need to write a short summary paper that is due in a dropbox in 2 hrs..... I better get!

LAter G...........................................

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