Thursday, February 25, 2010

That's It?

photo from somewhere up in Canada

Ol' Man Winter......that all you got? I thought you brought your A game but I guess I was wrong. We only got an inch, just enough to cover the roads. I now sit back and watch as you wither like a dandelion underneath the sweltering heat of a summer drought somewhere deep in the Mesa. Your days are numbered you frosty geezer. I see the bright green leaves and thin blades of fresh grass on the horizon which means you will be but a memory you frosty geezer. Your intimidation of my administration at college have seen their last days you frosty geezer, warmer days are to follow.

Wow, I got some literature flowing there. For a minute I sounded like Newman. Yes my friends once again the "white stuff" fell and put all the school systems in a tizzy. Our children are going to be in class until July I bet. (that's ok because I can steal Capt. Dingo away for more long rides this summer because his wife is a principal at a local school here and will be working too) cough cough. Anywho that's about it here in East Tennessee, another collegiate race at Georgia Southern University this weekend. This race will be an "in-conference" one so these count. Well, not really because we don't have an A rider in our ranks at all, we are lacking A talent for sure in the road category. Maybe just maybe if we could talk the school into going varsity and getting us a coach, maybe......................... WAKE-UP I'M DREAMING!
LAter G....................................

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A.B. Casey said...

You are learning well young padawan!

You boys better kill it in the GA this weekend, you had your warm up race after all!