Thursday, March 4, 2010

New Pad

It's been along time coming but for the next few years while in college I have to hunker down, cut back, and become pretty frugal in almost everything I do. That includes having to move. I have a friend that remodeled his house and in doing so created an "inlaw quarters" above the garage. It has it's own entrance/exit and is designed to be independent of the house although there is an entrance to it from the inside that can be double locked on both sides.

My old place had 2 bedrooms and 900 sq.ft., the new pad is a little over 1000! I don't need much room just a place to hang my hat with room for Austin and the bikes. Starting Friday after class Spring Break starts! No i'm not heading to the beach for MTV Spring Break, i'm older now and all that hoochie coochie doesn't do that much for me. I get turned on more by a sweet carbon bike with all the latest chi-chi's on it instead of a tennie bopping 20 yr. old with hardly a stitch of clothing on. Oh, I will look but I like the bike better!

My spring break will Hopefully consist of getting a long mountain bike ride in with Capt. Dingo & friends location unknown still, then maybe I will be moving boxes into the new pad near the end of the week, I think. That seems to be the plan but things could change, It was supposed to be finished the first of December. I'm not sure the mtb will let me on it, I haven't ridden it in over 2 months now. I squeezed the front tire last night and it maybe had 5lbs of air in it, I'm sorry I let you down Epic.

LAter G.............................................

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Joshua Stamper said...

Sweet pad! Ali and I are talking about building a 2 br living quarters over a 1 car and 7 bike garage.