Thursday, March 18, 2010

Who, What, Huh? Uhhhh I'm busy

Sorry for no action on ye ole blog but I have been putting things in order getting moved into the new pad for my college years ahead of me. I had to become more frugal and streamline my living situation as well. A friend of mine offered me his "in-law quarters" for my stint in college and I accepted. I will post some pics later but I have been busy with the move and coming off spring break the professors thought we needed extra work. I just finished all that and celebrated with a warm weather 40+mi. road ride after classes today. The BMC was waiting on me like a dog that has been cooped up for days needing out to take a leak. Schyler joined me and we had a nice descent paced ride. The pancake fundraiser is Saturday and I have been getting ready for that as well. I will get back to the regularly scheduled programming of jibberish soon I promise!

LAter G.............................

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