Friday, April 30, 2010

Almost There

This past week and a half has had me burying my nose in the books hard. My second semester has actually been somewhat easier than the first to be totally honest. I guess I developed a rhythm of sort and sometimes found myself twitchy having my school work caught up unlike my first semester. 10 days with no bike ride and I was feeling the UGHH of stress build up from school. Well I thought you said this semester was easier? It was but all the studying required for finals this week consumed all my extra time. Austin went to New York City for his birthday with a class from high school which left me lots of extra study time as well. Austin's view of Times Square on a rainy day below:
Wednesday I was able to acquire enough time to get one of the bikes out for some saddle time and boy did I need it. It was the weekly short track at ETSU, I was going to suck from the lack of riding no doubt. I got a couple of warm up laps in to make it a little less painful but it still hurt like hell. After the first few laps "spoolhead/sugar cookie" aka:(David McDaniel) from the cycling team was holding a strong 3rd against some stiff competition ( Ben and Dave)when his left crank arm fell off. It really bothered me too. Why you ask? Because I was the one that put that crank on his bike, I take pride in my bike work and I was very disappointed in myself. I served up a a double helping of humble pie and made myself eat every last crumb too! Of course I was the center of all the bike repair jokes at the end, even Josh laid a whomper on me about our shop but I didn't respond to it although I could have ten fold. After I came home I had a terrible time falling to sleep with the bruised mechanic pride. The next day I was going to ride somewhere because that was the only thing that was going to make it all better ( insert "poor baby" jokes here). After I got a call from B giving me a rash of crap and laughing at me about spoolhead's crank he said "gotcha" those FSA cranks are prone to do that with the stock aluminum crank bolt that comes with them (Savage had this same problem), they have an upgraded steel bolt that prevents the cranks from loosening and coming off. I was so relieved when he told me that, it felt as if a truck was removed from a parking spot on my chest. I'm glad I entertained everyone at short track........NOT!

That evening I finished up some tid bits on my research paper so I could hit the asphalt with the BMC. I wanted something different though. There has been alot of complaints about the local road club blistering the pace of the Thursday Night Recreational Ride that has been a staple for the last several years so I didn't want to go over there. A new group of riders that call themselves the Johnson City Cycling Club host a ride from Shadden rd a couple of times a week so I decided to see what's up over there and Varinka has been inviting me for a long time to come ride with her so I did. They are an older bunch of riders sorta like the KBA but faster. They have a very nice 30+ mile loop with rolling hills and three or four short punchy climbs. I had an ok time probably because I only knew two other people there. Most of the time I did not know where I was although I knew the area a little.

Friday is here and three finals completed only two more to go. One on Monday morning online and the last one Wednesday at 330-530 on campus. I hope to get a road ride in Sunday if the fore casted rain holds off. The new stud in my bike stables is up and running, all the CX components have been successfully swapped over the the Chili Con Crosso. The black cranks would have looked better I may swap them out to give it a complete "blacked out" look. I have the commuting street tires on it but I may have to switch out the Maxxis CX tires on her and give her a spin at short track soon.

New on the radar in about two weeks is the first night race at Hungry Mothers State Park. Each fall there is a small race there called the Fall Fear. It seems as if the whole NTMBA gang that usually goes to the 12hours of Tsali is heading to the Night Owl race @HMSP. We usually have a great time racing each other and an even better time just hanging out afterwards. Last FF race I raced the expert class and got my arse handed to me and this time will probably be no different. Small races like this are so much more fun than the bigger ones in my opinion. I'm really looking forward to this trip!

Who Who???????

Later G..............................

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