Monday, May 3, 2010

Just A Little Bit More....

Well this morning I finished final #4 online and it was "nice and easy lemon squeezy" piece a cake. Wednesday is my last final and definitely the hardest.....Math. 33 questions and then out the door, glad the professor gave us a study guide for the test! After that? riding and working! I'm in need of something part-time 'til school starts in the fall my ETSU gig only pays during fall and summer semesters. All this seems weird sometimes though. Back to living like a college kid although my mind never got out of elementary school (I will always be a big kid), scraping by, living in an attic (sweet attic though) and looking for minuscule jobs to keep my habit supplied (biking habit!). All in all it makes me appreciate things more, I'm thankful for God, Austin, my family & friends, being able to go back to school to get a better education and that I can ride a bike almost anytime I like. Over the last many months one word keeps coming up in almost everything I see or do......perspective. It's different for everyone ya know.

With the small night owl race coming up Capt. Dingo is wanting to do a pre-ride, I'm down! I like the fact that Capt. Dingo is starting to stick too. I stole the phrase from my westward buddy Joshua when he used it once so I guess I owe him a royalty or something, hey Josh want another "little debbie cake?"

On a riding note: I was able to get back on the bike after 10 days off, YES 10 DAYS NO RIDING! studying was my priority, I have straight A's this semester and I'm trying to keep them! My previous posts I jibbered about short track and Thursdays ride with the JCCC. Sunday I hit the ETSU trails for a proper perspective on all the trail work that Ben and a few others have done the last couple of months. I'm going to be perfectly honest here, the trail work that Ben & crew did was absolutely fabulous following every rule that IMBA has for sustainable trails, awesome hard work! It's not for the weak at heart though, it's VERY technical on the 4X side with alot of switchbacks that were used because of limited space, sorta like sardines in a can. I would not recommend any beginners ride on that section at all. That side used to flow very fast but now it reminds me of rock city at Warriors, it will definitely make you step your game up. Good job Ben!

Today I hit Elizabethton looking for sponsors for Pedalfest. After today I go to the T-shirt peeps and give them the final artwork with sponsors. I have about 5 so far but I really need 10 to pull this off successfully. On a promoter note I'm really starting to like this. I may start to do some smaller promoting events in the future. It has opened my eyes though, I see the big events and why they charge so much as being greedy in my eyes, GoneRiding as one example, these peeps make a living as promoters. Shoot the MSG CX series has tons of riders, the best venues, the best competition, the best people and they manage to keep the entries fees in check so why can't everyone else. A friend of mine made a public statement that it ticked him off to see people with $$expensive$$ bikes complain about expensive entry fees, I can see his point. Although if promoters delivered a product that was comparable to what they charge..... if you went to a restaurant and didn't like the food or service you wouldn't go back right. $50 to race one event is outrageous in my opinion unless you're racing at a NATIONAL level. Just sayin'! If the promoters are advertising feeding the folks my suggestion is DON'T! Most folks actually like having a few kegs available more than watered down sketti. I don't know anyone that races that does not show up without bringing something to eat for "after the race". Well that's my rant for the day, sorry. NTMBA meeting tonight and I have parts to deliver as well.

LAter G....................................

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