Friday, April 16, 2010

Rolling Along

Wow this weather is just awesome, can't beat it. I love spring and fall it's my favorite time of year. Austin, school, wrenching and biking are about all I have time for as of late. Finals are creeping in on me. I was just advised this week when my first final would be, in 2 weeks! I wish I had a biking final instead, finished registering for Fall semester as well just a bit ago (17hrs).

Several rides have been taking place lately and there have been several groups spur off from the regular road group around here. Which to say I can't blame them. I have sent several people to a certain training ride in Jonesboro only to have them come back complaining to me that the group has no hospitality at all to new riders, hmmmm must be a roadie group you're thinking? BINGO! I think I have referred my last friend/rider to go to the Lamar rides anymore, although I may attend every now and then to help keep the fitness level in check, I like "most" of the riders. I must admit my first time riding there I was treated very badly, I had a club member ride up to me, physically grab my arm and hatefully yell at me to stop attacking. I did so and didn't return for the rest of the year. For several years after that I got a kick out of beating the red/black jerseys at the road races I attended. Yea, we all run across bad folks at some points in our lives it's inevitable but I don't know what it is about some of those guys.

This leads to a new group in town...... Johnson City Cycling Club (JCCC) I don't think it's a formal group but they are attracting alot of attention I hear through the cycling grapevine. They ride pretty good and aren't real competitive and wait on others or seem to have a no-drop policy. They ride distance as well doing metric rides several times a week for mileage. I have tried to get to one of their rides but my schedule has prevented it, I will soon though.

I have got to ride quite a bit this week. I think I over did it for Wednesday though, legs were not ready. The Short Track races are now back and scheduled every Wednesday @7pm. 25 minutes plus two laps for all the pain one can stand. My legs were jello after about 6 laps so I decided to be the timer since we didn't have one that day. I did look at my data from last year and my 6 laps were pretty good time wise when I compared the data against each other (yea I'm a geek), I guess the collegiate road racing has helped some,meh. The short version of Simmerly Creek we rode was pretty neat, there was several real steep punchy climbs back there that I had never ridden before, have to hit those some more this year! Since moving into the new place I have taken advantage of Austin Springs rd. I use it to get to Piney then cut across ridegewood barbecue (yum) then back up through Watauga into JC. I have been riding this route alot since the move and I really like it, anybody is welcome to join me.

Sorry for all the bitc** but I had to vent a little. Fixing to get some more Austin Springs and if the weather is nice I'm going to do the JF Memorial Century in the morning. Collegiate crit on tap for Sunday in Asheville also, lots to ride!

LAter G.............................................

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