Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Another Disappointment Shimano

Well I can't believe that Shimano is letting me down again! The all new 10 speed drivetrain for the mountain bike is due to be released In June although I can order it through QBP anytime.

Crankset: At present only a triple crankset is available (24/32/42T), with alloy inner and outer chainrings, a carbon fibre/steel composite middle ring and a choice of four crankarm lengths: 165, 170, 175 or 180mm

A 2X10 drivetrain that has ? what ? 3 rings on the crank? wouldn't that be a 3X10 system?? This is ridiculous right? What are they thinking? Wait the XTR will come out with a 2 ring system I bet, sure everyone can spend $600 on a crank! I really don't understand the logic in this, well maybe there wasn't any. Maybe they were behind the eight ball and had to hustle to get something on the market. The cassette, it seems, as if they only added another gear to it, a 36. Either way ........................... FAIL ! Sram wins again, I'm not a sram fan but I am slowly becoming one it seems.

Maybe they should just stick with this stuff below?

LAter G.............................


Anonymous said...

Wow looks like you missed the point. 2x10 isn't for everyone - not everyone is an elite XC rider. I ride fast enough to get away with a 2x10 for most of my riding, but I like to ride the really steep shit and want that extra gear ratio.


I may have but Shimano missed the boat. Everyone already has a triple front chainring was my point. 30 different ratios is way tooooooo much overlap im my opinion but we all have our opinions.... I dont use a 22 or 24 because you can walk faster than that ratio uphill and it raises the torgue factor on your drivetrain as well, it's a waste.

thanks for the comment though!