Saturday, May 29, 2010


2010 Pedalfest is now history, my first attempt at organizing an event this size (+/- 100). For me it was a big event but for most it's small. 70+ riders or so I think is what I tallied, the cool thing is I knew most all of them, thank you for your support folks!

There were a couple of hiccups though. Registration couldn't have went any better. At the start of the ride the Major I had contacted in the Elizabethton City Police Dept had confirmed an officer for the main intersection where the riders come into the street, well he failed to show. I hope he had other things to attend to that were more important than a donut, just kiddin', well maybe...sorta, nah I am, maybe, I think. We could have marked one of the turns somewhat better than we did several riders told me, my bad. Only one crash today too. One rider went down and landed on his face and side but was ok. Note to self: have a first aid kit handy next time. Other than that it was a successful fund raiser for the team. I was jonesing to ride my bike and try out the new hoops below but being the organizer for the event I thought it was appropriate to stay put in case someone needed something.

After cleanup, which went amazingly well, I headed up to the shop to get last minute details for this week because B is headed to Florida for the week taking his family on vacation, so that means yours truly is at the captain's wheel. Attention shoppers: half of a half of a half off sale shoppers.....................NOT! I knocked out a couple of bike repairs while I was there and the place was PACKED too. Everybody was so close so I guess they had to come to the shop, nobody beats Hampton Trails prices...not in our area anyway.

Upon arriving at the house I waited on C.O.B. to come over and get his Masi frame and then.... ride my new wheels. I needed to get a couple of miles on them because tomorrow is this first round of the crit training series that D-Wayne is putting on this summer. Pretty kewl too since next week is the Roan Groan and Omnium here in the tri-cities finishing with a crit downtown in JC. I wish they would organize a new cat for me though..................CAT6 !

LAter G................................

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Anonymous said...

Great job, by you and the whole ETSU Cycling Team..

Just give us a little more warning on that one left turn..LOL