Sunday, May 16, 2010

Bike @ Bays Days #2

The second annual Bike at Bay's Day went off soooooo smoothly. Plenty of peeps getting to ride bikes that were better than what they had or were shopping to get another bike. Demos, companies should put more emphasis into this and bike sales would rocket, even if that model wasn't the most popular. You don't buy a car without test driving it do ya? Only two shops showed for this great event, Piney Flats Bicycle and Fitness along with yours truly waving the Hampton Trails banner........oppps wait......B forgot to get us a banner, ha! Anywho we got several people out on the trail to enjoy riding a bike in the woods. I was impressed with all da schwag that we donated and what the other shops kicked in. There are some other shops in the area that did not or were not willing to get involved............tsk tsk! I think alot of people realized who cares about them and their bike after this weekend. Eric from Piney and myself hosted a small trailside maintenance clinic at the end and enjoyed seeing so many people interested in learning basic trailside skills to repair a flat. We even coaxed several peeps into doing it themselves, experience is the best teacher ya know.

Below, the award winning author of "My Bicycle Has Rockets" Andy Mullins, was informing me of his latest cycling news although we were "posing" for Piper with a tire in hand. Award winning you ask? Oh yes, he won an award for lack of blogging I think. My shop work-shirt was a hit as well as I saw many peeps eyeing it so I dare not take it off or lay it down out of my sight. By the way there was a poot load of Titus bikes at the event as well.............Andy, you have anything to do with that? You should be a factory rep!

Some of the ladies below from the NTMBA, great bunch of gals! make ya famous!

Below there are just some of the attendees of the days event. I think Don "oldtimer" said he stopped counting after 50 riders went by.

How cool is this? Three volunteers from the Kingsport Fire Dept rode as first responders! (just in case) These guys rocked to0, no slackers here!

Last but not least, every event that we, the NTMBA, have held the Texas Roadhouse rest. has been right there by our side helping promote cycling and other events in our community! A huge thanks to Karen and the crew of the Johnson City, Tn. Texas Roadhouse!

And as always thanks to Bays Mountain Park and the NTMBA!

All photo credits: John Piper

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