Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

I hope first that all the cycling dads out there had a great weekend! It was a hot one for sure.

Friday I picked up Austin and we had a real nice sit down dinner at the house with each other, it was nice. He always stays up late, I can't hang with him on the late night hours. Hayter emailed me these death march rides him and D-Wayne are coming up with. I really didn't have the time to go do this but I wanted/NEEDED to get some umph in, I am a slug on the bike of late. I figured that I would start out with the gang and ride for about 90 minutes and then U-turn it and roll back to the shop to change my cranks out for the carbons then get back to Austin before he wakes up. We rolled out at 8am from the shop in Hampton, the pace was easy and the weather overcast with a perfect temp. We rode the railroad grade to Roan Mtn. while I kept an eye on the time. I figured I better climb Roan if I wanted to get some umph in before I had to turn back so I made a right and said my goodbyes. The rhododendron festival was going on up there but I thought it was early enough that I could get to the top and back before it got REAL busy. NOT. Going up I had a plastic water bottle tossed at me as I was climbing,meh bunch of tards! After that I summitted and immediately headed back down making pretty good time. Coming by the park entrance they were parking cars everywhere. Some woman that wasn't paying attention turned right in front of me, I grabbed the campy record brakes for all they were worth and came to a skidding stop 2ft from her right front bumper of her mini-van. Her eyes were bigger than baseballs it seemed, that's all I remember other than the holy crap thought that ran through my head. I took a DEEP breath and started pedaling then about 50 yards later a woman steps out into me from the side of the road and we graze each other. DAM! All she says is I'm sorry I'm sorry. I shake my head and roll away. I roll into the shop to change out my cranks and I have a stealth mission in the back of my mind. There's been alot of talk about this BMC Cross machine that's been stashed in plain sight that everyone thought was a road frame (it was covered in the styrofoam pipe insulator packing) and B had recently taken all of it off. So now 3 or 4 peeps in the last day had been very interested in it. I knew if I didn't grab it it would be gone by Saturday evening so I put my carbon campy cranks on and grabbed the cross machine and got out of dodge. I loosely threw some parts on it to hang up and display til I can build it.

Today Austin made me a little Fathers Day gift and we had breakfast (@1130) before I took him home. I cleaned up around the house some before I swankered out side. Man it was hot but I was bound and determined to get a ride in today no matter how hot. About 5ish I rode out to Piney and toured Watauga back around to JC for a little 25 mile loop I like to do when I don't want a long ride. The 11 speed is really sweet, I like it!

LAter G.....................................

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Andy said...

Dang money bags... a new Campy group, new CX frame, new mtb cranks... must be nice.