Friday, June 25, 2010

Technical Difficulties

I'm back on air

Last night one of our local riders aka: Duckman went down on a road ride and was transported to the local hospital with a broken cheek bone and concussion. This morning he was able to get a pic of himself so I assume he's doing much better now if he's taking pics of the ordeal in the hospital, he looked a mess though. You can check it out here.

Here is some of the collateral damage left by the storm on Monday. We just happened to be out on the road bikes when all this blew through but God provided us some shelter while out on the ride and we were able to wait it out for about 90 minutes. Upon returning home soaking wet this was what I was greeted with. Tree destruction and a power outage. The JCPB (Johnson City Power Board) worked around the clock to get the trees removed and the power restored, kudos JCPB.

Charter Communications on the other hand doesn't apparently have enough peeps or peeps with enough competence to handle such a devastating ordeal. Two days went by before they had all the cable and electronics installed to reinstate service. At 5pm they packed their little boom trucks up and went home each day. Our place? Still no service. If it wasn't for Super Dave who is a private contractor for Charter we probably still would be without service, Thanks Dave you da man! Charter? You SUCK!

This weekend is time for BMX! That's right all the ETSU cycling fund raisers are out of the way and it's time to play! I will be heading down to Morristown for some nice sweet BMX action tomorrow then possibly load up and head to Dupont and stay with Capt. Dingo for some MTB action on Sunday and the crew. New cranks in the Floval thanks to Mr. Prince. and I wanna ride!

LAter G..........................

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