Monday, July 5, 2010


Since Capt. Dingo is out livin' like a rock star and traveling all over the place I'm having to dig deep into my bag of gibberish to try and entertain readers while he's "out of state". He's somewhere in Charleston, SC. with the cruisers at a family wedding. Hurry up and get back homie!

I finally received the Dyna-Sys 10 speed pieces parts (chi chis) from Korea. Yea I had to go to a different country to get them asap before QBP gets them. (insert evil laugh here) I was a bit leery at first ordering them from Korea but I used paypal for my buyer protection but I didn't have to use it. FedeX came through in record time and got them delivered fast. These were SO STUPID CHEAP that I'm afraid to even say. Way cheaper than what QBP will list them at wholesale! I just stumbled across a foreign website that had a 30% off code along with another 10% off code and when I used them together lets just say that somebody writing their checkout program SCREWED up terribly bad !!!! I thought, hmmmmmm lets try this again. Well someone caught this and fixed it and when I tried to order something else a bit pricey.........FAIL. Anywho, I got what I needed and it goes on the bike tonight.
I have this lingering problem with my rear brake. When I switched to a 180 XTR rotor on my 575 I keep having this stupid brake squeal, it's driving me nucking futs. I took the pads out and spread the spring on the pads really wide and re-inserted them yesterday on a ride and it stopped it for a while then it returned although not as bad. I don't wanna go back to a 160mm rotor but I will if I have to. Lets get to work on those shifters, I wanna be able to test them at short track tomorrow evening.

Hurry and get back Greg!!!!! You better have tons of stories to blog about yo!

LAter G................................................

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