Thursday, July 8, 2010


These guys are tough but I'm having tons of fun making up stupid captions for all the 2010 TDF pictures (your fault Capt. Dingo). No doubt that all the racing has been dramatic thus far, great job guys!!

Lorsque je t'attrape je te détruire, alors je vais détruire votre famille pour gratter mon vélo!

Waaaaaaaaaaaahhhh he took my bicycle!

What do you mean Asatna rider? We're not allowed on the sidewalk? Sidewalk trolls, really?

Man, I told the team that I wasn't doing the "Cervelo "Crash" Test Team" anymore!!!! Jeeessh

But Fran'swah, I kept my pretty white cycling shoes clean even though I crashed in the mud AND ..........stop touching my butt!

The city trash pick up was full of these this weekend

Franchement Scarlet je ne m'en fous. Tais-toi et embrasse-moi idiot

Tyler Farrar, vous incompétents idiot retardé revenir ici avec mon vélo salaud arrogant américaine

LAter G...........................

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Varinka said...

lol I had fun reading this!!!
Do it again! :))