Saturday, July 3, 2010


I finally decided to put my newly upgraded USAC license to the test today. The second in a three race crit series was this morning on campus @ ETSU. I wasn't really looking forward to it to be honest. I really was my worst enemy today on how negative I was about the impending outcome of this. I joked all morning about how I would probably get dropped and wouldn't be able to keep the pace of the Cat4's. I really didn't have any confidence in myself at all. I managed to lead one lap and then rotated to the back and just followed while keeping all the attacks in check with the group.

At 4 laps to go I was dreading the upcoming pain-fest that would soon ensue, I hit a bump then my seatpost falls into the frame dropping my saddle several inches making me look like your local bike rider that rolls on the sidewalks in town. I couldn't stop because I was inside 8 laps to go and it wasn't considered acceptable in the rules to get a free lap, I had to suck it up.

At two laps to go I was wondering when someone was going to go. On the last lap I was about 2nd from last in the group. I managed to slip around the pack just before the farthest turn and slid into 3rd. I stood and stroked the pace that Thomas laid down while leading to the final turn and managed to out sprint the kid in 2nd whilst being reeled in like a cheetah from powerhouse super Dave Smith. Thank goodness him and Jason had raced the Masters about an hour earlier or the pace would have blistered me for sure!

I did manage to acquire one of these for my 2nd place finish which Austin put in his pocket for me to never see again.

Thomas and I after todays crit series race.......ETSU going 1st & 2nd in Cat4 !!

OK it's that time of year again when all the hunters and anglers get all pissed off because of the stupid bike racin' on 'their' channel. Well the way I see it is that we bike riders don't get any bike racing coverage at all for 11 months, all we get to watch on VS. is STUPID hunting, monster truck and fishing programs on this channel (SHHHHHH......we don't watch, we are outside riding but we don't want them to know that). All the hype about Lance, I like the guy but he's done, he has 4 kids and another one on the way......GO BE A (full time) DAD, they NEED you! I'm a Bookwalter fan! So go BMC! The tour may be one of the best ones yet. Stay tuned!

LAter G......................................

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Anonymous said...

Nice Riding in the crit! Keep it up and you'll be pretty damn fast for this fall.