Saturday, July 24, 2010

through the valley of the shadow of death........

Tomorrow "the valley of the shadow of death" just may be the case. This will be the maiden voyage of the Lynskey Pro 26 and what a way to pop a cherry. Although this is a used bike, it's still in awesome shape and less than a year old. My first Ti bike as well. It's nice having connections! I rode just enough to get everything adjusted and to loosen my legs a tad before ORAMM tomorrow. I'm not really sure how I will fare either, I'm only doing this because I want to see how bad outta shape I'm in and what I have to look forward to in collegiate racing. I know I'm being a HUGE hypocrite racing a race with outrageous race fees too so pour it on thick, I can handle it! Weather forecast is 94 degrees in Old Fort, N.C. tomorrow but I'm hoping it will be a tad cooler up on the Mt. Mitchell. I honestly don't think I would be able to finish this ride if I was to pilot the 575. Don't get me wrong, that bike is the plushyest (is that a word) ride! The 575 responds well and descends like a bike with twice the travel but it ain't no cross country racin' bike. I have all the dyna-sys XT 10 speed shimano swapped over and ready to climb, yes ready to raise myself over 11,000 feet tomorrow on the Lynskey Pro26.

Oh yea, a brand new Reba SL to go on it also....

This morning I wandered down to Erwin, Tn. to the ole Holiday Inn Express to test for my USAC 'C' referee license. It was quite interesting and I was surprised on how much that I already knew. After about 4 hrs of lecture and power point slides ole Chuck finally handed us our tests so we could start. I was the 3rd to finish out of 8. I managed a 92 out of 100, I'm not sure if that's good for an open book test, anywho 70 was passing. So now I can DQ you if you don't follow da rules yo! Time to get everything packed for the hurt fest tomorrow!

LAter G...................................

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Anonymous said... I show up with a Lynskey and next thing I know you have one. I know you really want to be me but this is getting ridiculous. I think you need to stick to your Special Ed bikes before you get hurt riding a real mans bike like a Lynskey!!!

With love,