Saturday, July 10, 2010

Who Are YOU??

Last night after a looooooooooong day at the shop I still wasn't finished. There was a Lynskey 29er hanging on the wall that was waiting for a fork to complete the build. I picked it up and brought it home for him (I'm such a nice guy sometimes-you're welcome AKS). I sat down and had a few slices of pizza since I didn't eat lunch. While I was eating pizza I could swear I heard a dog growling down the stairwell. I walked over to check and the growl got more aggressive. Hmmmmm that's strange, I thought E took the dogs to the in-laws? Oh well.
I continued to watch the tour for a few then decided that I wanted to get the Lynskey build done since I wasn't sleepy and free up my schedule so that me an the Austin man could hang. He later wanted to skip and go to a partay, hmmmm so much for Dad.

I need to give some info here before I start my next paragraph. Big E is in Chicago at a family wedding with the fam so he let one of his athletes that lives in Knoxville, Tn. he trains have the house for the weekend. He's up here racing the ETJC Omnium in Piney this weekend and it's just a couple miles down the road. Staying here would save him $$ and time.

Late night Drama:

Now, I couldn't sleep so I measured the fork and put the ole park steerer cutting tool on the steerer and made the cut. It was around 1130pm and I didn't think I would disturb homie downstairs, the guest room is all the way on the other side of the house. I kept working, installed the starnut, started mounting the brakes and all the other new chi chis on AKS's new ride. I'm just working away with the TV on in the bedroom and I hear a loud voice. Hmm, I think. I keep working thinking it was just something on TV. Then about a minute later I get a loud "HEY" standing behind me. WTF??????????? "Hey" he says. "Dam dude you crazy? come up in some body's place and startle them? you are lucky I didn't pop a cap in yo.......... (sorry I was getting a bit ghetto) your a TARD" I'm thinking to myself. He says "I'm trying to sleep downstairs and I can hear everything your doing". I just look at him. He says "I can hear all that beating and banging". I say "I have to have this bike together by morning for a friend". He asks "what time?" I think what does it matter to you, that's my biz JERK but I say "first thing". He says "Well I need to get some sleep because I'm racing tomorrow" all the time his facial expressions aren't getting any brownie points with me, if you know what I mean. I tell him that I'm surprised that he can hear that from the guest room. He then says " I'm sleeping downstairs right under you in E's bed, he said I could". Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww that's NASTY! I'm thinkin'. Now I'm really thinking this guy is strange. We talk a bit more and then he holds out his hand and says "Hi I'm Tim". I think "you should have started the whole conversation with that goober". He heads back downstairs and knocks over all kinds of storage boxes I have in the stairwell. Lordy I think, what a TARD! Penalties of living in some one's attic I guess to get through school, scratch "Tim" off the X-mas card list for sure!

This morning AKS came and picked up his bike, I loaded mine (Yeti) and headed over to watch some of my friends race the skinnies at the local road race. Andy, Abby, Kris and Rob did pretty good. Jimmy and Matt kicked some butt. Poor David separated his shoulder and Brent piled it up pretty hard but wasn't hurt thank goodness. I was able to ride shotgun in the officials car with Professor Seek during the Cat5 road race, that was kinda fun.

I offered that Andy and Abby to go back to my pad and rest in the AC while I drove over to Warriors to test out the new Shimano Dyna-Sys 10 speed that I now have on the 575. I will be back for the TT starts I told them. I arrived to an almost empty parking lot and pretty steamy temps @ Warriors. I got ready and rolled out to Darwins for my first impression. Very nice, the Dyna-Sys XT still shifts the way that the dependable XT 9 speed always does, no different just another gear and different ratios to learn. I do think I like: on a climby/technical course, I will use the small 26T inner but a faster/flowy course, stay in the the 39 outter ring for the flow. I would recommend that the "fast" guys use the 29/42 crank though. I rode one part of the trails twice, once in the 26T and once in the 39T. Some of the tech stuff was tougher in the 39T but manageable. I do think that I will probably in a few months get an 11-34 10 speed cassette. I almost did but I wasn't sure if I would NEED that humongous 36T sprocket or not with a 26/39, I'm sure now that I don't.

LAter G.......................................

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