Monday, August 2, 2010


Around 4:10 Sunday morning I was startled awake by the sound of a car alarm right outside my place. It was the exploder's alarm ringing the horn at a rapid beat. I threw on my shorts and scampered down the stairs to see all the lights on in the 'burban' and exploder. What the heck? Someone just broke into my vehicles! I looked around but couldn't see very well because I didn't have my contacts in. (I'm legally blind without them) I looked inside the 'burban' to see what's up. Nothing missing! just stuff thrown all over the floorboard of the passenger side where the door was ajar. They could have taken my oakleys or my ipod but didn't. Nothing missing from the exploder but I have everything out of it transferred to the burban.
I conferred with E and we looked around a bit then I made my way back upstairs but couldn't sleep. I kept looking out the window wondering if the idiot or idiots would 'return to the scene of the crime'. E called Jason who was on duty that night and he sent another cruiser in our area by to take a look. I didn't call 911 because I didn't want to wait for them to get here. Jason (lulu) took care of it for us, thanks dude!
I couldn't go back to sleep now. I sat up twiddled on the computer, watched some TV, folded clothes and just kept myself doing something because I couldn't go to bed. Around 630 or so when the sun started to come up I found my way to bed and managed to get a couple hours sleep. I was to go riding with Dawn who just got a new ride and her friend Amy at Bay's mountain. It started POURING about 30 minutes before it was time to leave so I cancelled and decided to clean around the attic and take a nap later. A road ride was now on my radar for later in the day. About 530 I saddled up the racemaster and headed out for some circuits on Watauga and Unaka. Half mile sprints from red light to red light in a big circle that keeps me close to home in case the clouds let loose again. On my next to last circuit Dawn pulls up beside me at the red lite and sort of startles me, I smile and follow her back to my place for a nice quite evening.
This weekend is the 2nd Annual Buffalo Mountain TT. Saturday first thing make it of you can. I have to stop by and get the trophy parts tomorrow. I didn't go all out on trophies this year because I went deep into a hole upside down last year and not everyone donated to the cause that raced but I have some sweet unusual trophies to hand out at the finish this year for sure!
LAter G.........................

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