Friday, September 17, 2010


Whoa..................... due to all the recent changes in how the team is getting funded and such we decided to bypass the SECCC University of Florida race this weekend. Not only will this save some funds for Nationals but it will let the team race the first of many of the MSG series. We had so many guys have things come up with classes and such it wasn't worth sending only a handful of riders down. The cyclocross series is a primo event here in our region. The only thing that tops these MSG races are UCI events. Dwayne, Eric, Mike and the rest of the peeps put on a top notch CLASS A event! The first one is just down the road and lasts all day Saturday and into Sunday with camping, a band, beer, food, hot wings and good peeps!

I'm not looking to get any stellar results but I am looking to have a blast! With cross racing one ALWAYS has fun, well after the pain subsides! So if you live close by come on out and have fun. You don't have to race to ring a cowbell and heckle the riders ya know!

LAter G.........................................

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