Sunday, September 19, 2010

Pain and More Pain


Since the team did not go to Florida some of us had decided to hit the MSG cyclocross series opener. They had a new venue with Farm House Galleries hosting with an awesome place to compete. I didn't get to partake in the after race festivities because of pressing school work and a recent Java project but the place was awesome no doubt, wish I could have stayed.

Saturday "my eyes were bigger than my belly" as my Dad used to say frequently. I bellied up at the registration table and took a double helping of pain with the Masters 45+ and 4's for my meal for the day. I was figuring that I would just use the masters to warm up for the day and get the course down pat. (Dwayne laid out a very nice course this weekend) I took off and was doing better than expected of myself and got swept up in the "cow bell" and forgot my strategy. I just kept on pedaling for all I was worth. Maybe it was because it was the first race of the 10-11 season? Probably, but I totally lost all thought of my game plan. I rounded the scorer's table and saw the lap board...................5 laps left. OMG! OMG! OMG!!! I don't have that many laps in my weak legs I thought to myself. So I think.... If the fast cat leading the 35+ catches me I can finish with 6 instead of 7 laps, muwhaaahahahahahahahaha. OK fine I tell myself, BUT you don't lose a position from here on out! OK I will try, sorry if I'm sounding a little skitzo here. I managed and hung in for a 12th, I'll take it, have you seen me? I'll take it!!!!!

I arrive fashionably late for 4's and take off. I get a slow start and managed to roll up in behind C.O.B. for about half a lap and he tells me to go on so I do. I don't fair so well in the 4's which is because my body felt as if I left my legs at the pit where we had our EZ Up at. I honestly struggled to finish with any dignity at all, I think I pulled a 18th or something like that, sucks to be me huh? I rolled back to the pit and Capt Dingo and wifey had managed to join Dawn in the EZ Up area we had. I had thought I heard Capt. Dingo's voice heckling me during the race but I was delusional at best so I discarded that thought but he was there after all. Mad props goes out to teammates Thomas and Aaron. They really turned on the gas this weekend and kicked some arse. ETSU jerseys were rocking it!!

I left the venue to get home and get some of this homework finished, I didn't want to be irresponsible (cough,cough). I managed to get one subject finished and then get to bed, I was beat!

This morning I enjoyed sleeping in til 830................ahhh! Jumped up reloaded the hoopty and back off to Unicoi. I knew two things; I wasn't racing Masters 45+ and I was going to break the top 10 in 4's. I did both (8th). It was so freakin' hot today, so "NOT" cross racing. It felt more like a mountain bike race on skinnys than anything else. Great race, great peeps, great site, HOT weather and awesome MSG as usual. Thanks guys for putting this on!!!

LAter G...........................

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