Sunday, September 12, 2010


Yea I'm a wuss. Peeps that know me know that I don't ride in the nasty stuff. I have but I prefer not to. I will but I don't like to. I can but I won't. Why? because I'm a stickler on keeping my stuff well maintained. Even after a road ride in the rain I come home and take out my BB to get the water out.....ADHD?? Excessive Compulsive? maybe.... A clean bike makes a happy bike is my philosophy! It's also easier to work on. When Shane rolled up to me after this race his cables were almost frozen with all the crud in them after riding in the "nasty". OK - don't get me on a tangent about dirty bikes in the shop...

Yesterday I had to arrive early at Lees McRae to deliver the numbers. We (ETSU) have been the keeper of the numbers for the first three races. I finally got to pass them on at the LMC race. As I pulled in the rain started, I got the numbers to registration and made sure all our riders were registered which is an easy job.
I hustled over to see Adam, our C rider, make his two laps and then listen to how nasty the course was. After Adam the A's and B's were up. I grabbed my chair and umbrella and sat in for some 'dry' team support. On the second lap the rain let go! I felt so sorry for the guys riding that slick nasty course. The only good thing I could think of was this course gets soupy with black forest dirt and not that peanut butter sticky type. All the guys did well, top tens with all our B riders and Ben managed a 13th I think with a stacked pro field in the A's, great job Ben!

Here is one of our new guys below, Shane. He rocked it all the way to third! Greg got 5th and Schyler managed a 10th unofficially. The day was totally nasty to say the least. After XC I had to jet back to JC because Austin is in a Bristol Theater production and it's only open to the public for one show where the parents could attend. He has 16 shows to do. It's the princess and the Pea production for all the schools in the region. He does about 4 shows a week for the kids. I was impressed and proud how he handled himself on stage. He's really good and that's not just Dad talking either. I would have pics but they wouldn't allow during the program, sorry.

So today I'm not heading back up to the mountain although it's only an hour away. Studying and cleaning are on my agenda for the day. I even turned down a trip to Bent Creek as well. I maaaaay try to slip a road ride in for about 2hrs though.

LAter G.......................................

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