Monday, September 6, 2010

Where's Waldo...(or coach)

Wow! It's been some time since I have put anything up. SORRY! So much has gone on since my last post. A new steed, classes started, collegiate MTB season has started, CX warm-ups are here as well and a cycling star visit at the shop. So where do I start?

Ok the new steed....... I have a crazy knack for coming across STUPID bike deals and I'm STUPID for falling for almost every one. I'm an addict, there I said it. So I'm the proud owner of a BMC TE01 carbon hardtail with a full XTR group with a Hope II hubset laced to some Mavic hoops. Just after getting the Lynskey it was hard swinging this one but after taking it for a test ride I couldn't let this get away, especially for the price. Honestly this is the best hardtail I have ever ridden and I have ridden alot of bikes. I'm no pro but I know my way around bikes and such. The only thing that I could say bad about this bike is that this bike demands that you pay attention! As long as you do it will continuously reward you with precise spot on handling and the ride of a Ti bike with stiffness everywhere you need it. I really LIKE this bike!!!!!

Collegiate racing? Our race at ETSU went so smooth! Everything clicked so well. I finished about mid pack in B's. Ok for me in the shape I'm in and for chasing kids half my age, I'll take it. The team just returned from Tallahassee, Fl. where we competed at Florida State University, home of the seminoles. It was HUMID beyond all humidness (is that a word?) At 730am we all were sweating so bad, it was horrible. Short track kicked my arse so bad, the heat got to me so fast but I hung in for about 80% of the ride before I got pulled. Schyler was able to hang in for a solid 3rd place finish for the team though. In 4X, ETSU kicked butt! We have a deep gravity team no doubt. Sunday morning we line up for 20 miles of humid Florida XC racing. There was everything from highly technical NC roots to SC pine needle covered single track into some sandy/clay Florida grit. On the first lap I managed to hug a tree and blow chunks so needless to say my finish wasn't that good. I did though hang in and finish the three laps that were required.
After getting home late from FL. DC had a tri to run early this morning so it was up and at'em early to support her. She did great too! She really kicked butt on the bike advancing several positions upon returning to the transition area. Dwayne, our local CX promoter, left the tape up that the tri peeps ran so we could have a late CX training race at 6pm. I was ready and raring to go. I wanted to gauge where I was at fitness wise for CX. I wasn't overly joyed but I wasn't disappointed either, I don't train so....... I railed out of the start and held 4th for the first lap until I started getting passed by alot of riders. I did though give an all hands on deck sprint at the finish making it a 4way cluster for the officials scoring the race. The new BMC cross machine rode well too, it was also it's maiden voyage, she's been hanging on the wall for a while......waiting.

Now for the celeb....................................... we were hanging out getting repairs done at the shop Wed and it was sorta slow. Brian Sheedy former Lees McRae cycling coach calls and says he may be bringing a guest later in the day, after he told me, I said PLEASE! B, the shop owner, has a special relationship with alot of the NC racers, he takes care of them really well. About an hour from closing Sheedy shows up with his buddy BMC Pro and 2010 Tour De France rider Brent Bookwalter (on right in the pic below). I had seen him in his LMC college days but never knew him. I've never been a hero worshiper but Brent was a very approachable dude. We all sat around just talking and cutting up having a great time, I was impressed to say the least. They hung out for about an hour then they had to head back to Banner Elk. We are a very small shop and I thought that was so cool that a TDF pro stopped in to say hi to B! Go Hampton Trails!

So, that's where I have been for the last couple of weeks. 4 more collegiate races, a lull for a week, then off to Tahoe for collegiate nationals.

On a shop note: finally Greg's Niner showed up at the shop. We recently (2 months ago) became a Niner dealer. We ordered 3 frames from them and one took about 4 weeks to show up, you know, paperwork and all. But then Greg's frame took forever to show up. We called and called and called, all the rep would say is "a few more weeks". I don't know about you but I would be trying to treat a new customer a little better than what they told us, just sayin'. Greg and AKS were troopers and so patient, thanks guys!!!! Friday the 3rd and final Niner showed up, finally! I hope they do better next order. Well, that's it! Ride, ride and ride some more!

LAter G....................................

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