Thursday, October 28, 2010


Hey, go check BIKERUMOR out! I submitted a fall pic of Tsali from my fall break and they put it up! Thanks BIKERUMOR! That was totally kewl if I do say so myself. Thanks to all the new folks that have stopped by out of curiosity as well.

This morning was the first step of getting a bit "fitter". I'm in ok shape for a dude that has 45 years under my belt. I could be better, yes! I do ok at races but I'm probably capable of better, yes. I knew that as I have aged that my strength has lessened, yes. I usually hit the gym for about three months in the winter from Nov to about the end of Jan. I have been wanting to get my body in better shape and strengthen my core, I have no core! Well, it's there but it's not that strong It could be much better fo sho!

At 645am I walked through the lower door of the mini-dome at ETSU for a fitness check for the cycling team. We (the ETSU collegiate cycling team) had wingates, VO2Max, static jumps & pulls and the thing I dreaded the most... THE BOD POD.
This egg shaped contraption checks your true level/percentage of body fat. I was the first to ride in the egg. Getting in this egg I had the weirdest feeling that I was getting ready for liftoff via NASA or something. Inside it seals the chamber and pressurizes the chamber, my ears then pop, I'm thinking......this is weird. After exiting I was not pleased at the result I saw on the display screen. (I'm not saying publicly what that number was but it was close to the "fat-health risk high" mark). Right then and there I made the pledge to myself to get my body stronger and more fit. The trainer took me to the static jump next. It's where you stand on a plate/scale and jump straight up as best and hard as you can with three different weights on your shoulders. After that was a "dead lift" pull while you are attached to this bar that doesn't move while standing on another plate/scale. I did not want to get the lowest scores on these being the "old fart" guy because of all the "geritol" jokes that would follow if I did - so...................I didn't!!!! We have our wingate and Vo2Max appointments for next week........this should be interesting. Wingate is some test on a bike similar to the Vo2 test but doing sprints not an all out racefest. I will also get my routine started as well as to "try' to build some muscle and get stronger. I'm not a fan of training especially on the bike but I should be able to handle this strength training because I won't "HAVE" to ride my bike to "train".

I'm bummed about this weekend as well. Austin will be hitting Halloween parties, Capt. Dingo & friends will be at the HOT race in KnoxVegas all weekend and I will be standing behind the counter at the shop............... not fair!

Thanks again to all the new folks that stopped by today, come back anytime you want!

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