Saturday, October 30, 2010


Well I really don't like parting with any of my bikes but you wouldn't be able to tell that. I don't keep them very long. A good thing that comes from it is that I can sample many bikes. I'm far from an expert but I have been able to see differences in certain brands and sometimes amazed at sleepers amongst the bicycle manufacturing community.

This week the BMC Racemaster found a new home in Duncanville, Alabama.

I'm hoping for a IMPEC (below) in the early spring but may end up with a Team Machine instead.

There are two colors; red and the matte. I'm not big on the red seatpost but I don't like the total stealth look either. We will have to see how things pan out and if I can generate some extra benjamins to cover this crazy purchase.

B will be back at the shop next week so I won't be in there as much. I would say that the repair biz has probably hit bottom until early spring. I expect we will be closing Wednesday's as well too like we do every winter. 6 more weeks of class then a four week break til Spring semester. This semester has flown by! I think it's because of how hard it's been for me this time. I'm not going to get a 4.0 like last semester but I will take straight B's.

Tomorrow it's time for some collegiate CX racing at King college in Bristol, Tn. Myself and a few of the guys on the ETSU team will try to get on the podium if possible, well not me (ha ha). We race at 1145am so it should be closer to what one aspect of CX racing is all about; cool weather racing. This season so far has seen temps in the 70's for the majority of the MSG CX Series here in East Tennessee.

I keep seeing visitors from via my feedjit feed, to all the new visitors - thanks for stopping by and getting my readers up to...........4.... or 5 maybe? bodaboom!!!!

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