Monday, October 18, 2010


Fall Break Part One-

Saturday I got an early start on my Fall Break riding by heading over to Warriors Path State Park to help out with the Poker Ride the NTMBA was hosting. I parked cars for about an hour then I saddled up to sweep the course and make sure everyone had made it back for the drawings. Texas Roadhouse came out and served up some killer BBQ too. After all the fun I headed home to pack for the "trip" and I still had not decided where I was going but after arriving home I had made my mind up to head down to K-Town and ride the Haw Ridge HOT course with Fat Tony, Capt. Dingo & friends. Little did I know what fate had in store.....

My Fall break started out with what I would like to think as fate (like I said) having a role. I awoke late Sunday morning, late enough to have me rushing to pack for a trip to Haw Ridge and a pre-ride of the 2010 HOT course. I texted Capt. Dingo telling him what happened and I wouldn't be making it and got the response that I expected (good excuse). I had three plans lying at my disposal so I opted for the next plan (plan B). To head over the mountain to Asheville, NC for some Bent Creek CX action. Upon getting there I was amazed at how many peeps were there from JC and Kingsport. A good chunk of the MSG crew. We saddled up for a CX A class and a CX B class. I pre-rode one lap of the course and IMMEDIATELY headed back to the hoopty for the new FS steed, the BMC Fourstroke. This course had 70-80% single track and wooded mountain bike style trails. I knew that my poor skinny tires and tubes would not withstand the pounding that they would get from the roots and rocks in the woods. After one practice lap on the MTB I knew I made the right choice.

At the starting line I lined up against several peeps that I knew and I knew for a fact that I probably wasn’t going to do well because these guys were stronger than I. Just before we started this dude on a 29er rolls up with a rear wheel that dwarfed his front 29 inch wheel, holy big metal hoops Batman! How do you get that rolling? I asked myself. Yes, that's a 36 inch rear wheel....................DAM!

photo credit: Mike Stewart

Well our promoter started us and I took off pretty good thinking that I was going to hold a good position to the first turn, not. I went from about 2nd on the holeshot to 10th quick but the Maxxis ignitors being four times the size of a skinny cross tire railed around the first turn and shot me to fourth, very nice! It was sweet! Just before the entrance to the single track I nipped another in a turn and went into the woods in 3rd (very UNLIKE me) I’m not that good of a racer mind you to hold what I started out like, I’m more of a diesel truck than a Ferrari. I did manage to stay in 4th for about two laps before my legs and lungs told me “ buddy we spent our last dime”. I slowly fell back and back and,.......... well you get the picture. Out of 30 starters I held on for a 13th overall on the mountain bike. It did have a huge advantage in the single track and woods but the drag from the big tires hindered performance in the grassy sections for sure but I’ll take it.

Afterwards I joined the guys (Dwayne, Wondergem, Stewart, Walters, AC and Dr. Seek) for some grub at Papa’s and Beers, a local joint we like to hit after Bent Creek rides in Asheville, NC. Good Times! An hour or so later I said my farewells and pointed the hoopty towards Tsali in Almond, NC. I arrived just after dark and snatched me a level spot in the deserted campground and found my way to the bath house for a needed shower. The water was so warm that I was actually surprised. I got the hoopty in order to switch to RV mode, it’s soooo much more” roomier” than the Hillbilly Hilton or exploder.

I just got through watching a movie on the laptop and the temps are getting pretty nippy now. I did manage to find a power source for the ceramic heater so tonight shouldn’t be bad at all. So in the morning I’m sleeping in and then getting some breakfast before I ride the left and right loops here. I should be done early enough to visit the NOC (Nantahala Outdoor center) before I head to my next destination…..Pisgah, Dupont or who knows, I like this roaming about NC aimlessly to ride my bike, it has some really cool freedom to it and the fall colors enhance this feeling even better. This will have to hold you for now, more later..............

LAter G......................................

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