Tuesday, November 9, 2010

How to wrap the WRONG Way

After watching this video can you tell what is wrong? He actually did a good job but the key to a properly taped bar is the start. It just bugs me to death when I see this. There are a couple of ways to wrap a bar that are correct and every mechanic has his or her own way of doing things. The issue I want to address here is "throttling". You know it's like when you are riding a motorcycle and twist the throttle to go or speed up? Well, on top of the bars where alot of roadies ride with their hands is where this "throttling" effect takes place. If you do not wrap the bar for this effect your bar tape will eventually loosen way before it wears out and will need replacing costing you another $20+ dollars for a wrap job at your local bike shop.

Look closely when he starts. He should start by wrapping with the excess going over the top of the bar towards the frame not away from it. If he had done this at the start, at the top of the bars, he would be coming over the top with the excess to the rear thus wrapping for the "throttling" effect. As the rider rides and twists the tape he actually tightens the bar tape instead of having the opposite effect of loosening the bar tape.


Sunday was an adventure upon top of Bays Mountain. Friday night and Saturday morning we got a taste of old man winter here in east Tennessee. Sleet, hail and snow teased the area but in the mountains at or above 2500ft there was considerable amounts, well 3-4 inches anyway. On the way to the shop Saturday morning I passed a car coming from what I was assuming Roan Mountain that had about 4 inches of the white stuff on their car.

The weatherman claimed that Sunday would be 52 degrees (why do we all listen to a weatherman/woman? they are never right!) Anyway I dressed for riding in the 50's and after arriving there is was alot colder than that. Iron Man Dillow and I wanted to get a little extra riding in. We arrived early and did 5-6 miles before everyone arrived. It was COLD! It had to be 30 or maybe colder all I know was I wasn't dressed for it (thanks local weather dude). I don't like riding in the cold to begin with as everyone that knows me knows. Yes I whined, of course! after about three hours on the mountain (not all of that riding :-( ...) my fingers and other parts were still COLD. At the top we regrouped and many of the peeps decided to call it a day and get some grub. Olive Garden got called into play so the masses rode to the bottom, loaded up and headed for the garden. It took a long time until I started to feel warm. I have been riding along time and should have known better but I will start throwing some more clothing in the bag before I leave from now on. That long sleeve thermal BMC jersey should be here soon I hope!!

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Anonymous said...

wow now that's an interesting post

Andy said...

Park Tool has the instructions I learned by.