Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Oh where oh where is my carbon BMC. I recently sold the BMC racemaster so I could eventually end up with the next size smaller frame. For now I'm stuck on a 56 BMC Cross Machine (all aluminum frame). Today I got home from class, installed a throttle body riser on the hoopty, (it's supposed to increase fuel mileage by up to 4mpg and boost HP by 25!) then took it for a test drive and was impressed with the increase in bottom end. I then suited up for a quick road ride. Heck it's almost 70 degrees here - time for some road mileage.

Out on the road the Cross Machine was stiff as a cold cadaver in a freezer and sent every little vibration, bump or anything else it could find straight up into the bars and seat. It was a very uncomfortable ride and made me appreciate the carbon bike so much more than I already do. Since the time has changed it gets dark alot earlier so I only rode 2/3 rds of the 30 mile route I usually do from the house, I know - wuss mileage. I would hate to ride a metric on that thing, whew!

I know this is a motorcycle chain cleaner but we (cyclists) need one of these for a bicycle chain! Yea they have the park tool ones but you have to fill it up w/degreaser and it gets crap all over the floor and stuff............this is self feeding with a can of cleaner! wow!

That's all I got for today........

LAter G...............................................

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