Monday, December 20, 2010


Yea most peeps that know me K*N*O*W that I can't stand riding in FREEZING temps. When I started the temp read 31* then add wind chill....... Call me what ever adjective you may but in my opinion it's just not fun, period. This ride was for fitness, plain and simple. No not a training ride, just to get some exercise and get off the BORING trainer. I just pedaled around town freezing my arse off trying to get some sort of exercise. I would hate to be a "real racer" and HAVE to be out in this. The trails are hit or miss since there has been so much snow this December. Yet I will have people respond "oh this trail system was great" or "this place was dry" maybe but I would rather stay close to home and not destroy a trail. Bays seems to be ridable like Buffalo most of the time but I really don't like driving 20 miles to ride my bike when I can drive OR RIDE only 3 from my place. I really like going to Buffalo but a person is taking their chances by parking over there. Vandalism ran amuck last year with one of our club members getting their element broken into and getting set on fire! Yes fire, bunch of tards! Some folks even got their catalytic converters sawed out from underneath too!!!
One good piece of news I heard from facebox today; days are getting longer now! Alright!! Countdown to Spring semester too; 23 days. Sorry for the boring post but the way I see it something to read, no matter how boring, is better than NOTHING to read.

LAter G.............................

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Joshua Stamper said...

Dude, never move to NE.